Giveaway FAQ!

Where do you get these things?
I buy them with my own money. You must know that I don’t buy things to give them away. At first, to be honest, I bought them for myself. All of the things that I’m giving away I have used for a short period of time. They are all in great condition because I really do have respect for materials, without being too materialistic.

Why are you giving them away?
This was a long process. I was thinking how I wanted a really active blog, but it’s very hard to get some active followers, people who really like it. The hardest part is making your blog well-known for whatever it’s on there. I wanted to give people advice (not in an arrogant way), but tell them my opinion on their problems and maybe try my best to help. I also wanted to write about beauty stuff and skin care because I love testing products out. But let’s say my blog is mainly an inspiration and advice blog. To speed up the process of getting people’s attention, I made a drastic decision.

The iPad and the Mac are quite expensive aren’t they?
Yes they are expensive, but I realized through life that money doesn’t make you happy. It makes you boring and feel bored and you feel as if you’ve reached all your goals. Quite depressing to be honest.

Why are you giving away a Macbook?
Because I bought myself a desktop instead of a laptop and I figured out I’m not really using it anymore.

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